It’s a thought process,

portraying an emotion,

of shattering of our dreams,

its a negative approach to something,everything,

Mind putting up permutation and combination,

always ending in minds destruction,

Expect the unexpected

in the right possible way,

come out of closet of fear,

wear the confidence armour

Chin up little warrior,

You can conquer the world

if and only if you conquer your fearful mind,




Stop bottling up those emotions,

set it free, Breathe!

Declutter life,clean your soul,

Stop over thinking,

slowdown the emotions gushing,

count on the blessings,

hold on to the hope of happy endings,

life’s up and down,

sometimes happy sometimes sad,

sometimes your in the edge of the seat,

anxiety striken,cold feet,

sometimes you feel you’ve won the world,

after all it’s the game of brain’s chemistry

Uncontrolled,unceasing,eternal good thing.


Meet my feline friend,

striking a superman pose,

she sleeps for 16hrs per day

like that’s the only job she’s got to do,

what would she dream of ?

Safety of her kids hidden below the woods?

or successful hunting of that day’s food?

I wonder what she’s thinking,

I wish she could talk,

because I’m so attached to her,

her purr is the only approval i need in life,

She’s the boss, she’s the stalker,

She’s a family member,

a reason for my homesickness

and i always wonder if I’ll ever come in her Dream?

Cuddle buddy in my coffee cup

I just had my hot cup of Coffee,

A kick of caffeine,an aroma of hot shizz,

Soul stirring,spark hidden within the liquid circuit,

Shooing the sleep away,slowly embrace the Zen,

My close comfort zone a day before exams,

Slowly replacing blood in my body,

Filter, instant,espresso, I tired everything falling in love for every sip,

I think I’m in love or maybe addicted to the beverage of magic beans,

a thought provoking drink,making me a muse on a moonless night,

keep sippin it hot and something more strong,

for it’s my cuddle buddy in a coffee cup!

Binge Watching

I’ve so much to gossip,

Weekdays to weekend’s,

Late Nights to mornings

so addictive, never ending bliss,

Hell lot of crushes,

just one more episode,oops! completing the seasons ,

Somewhere I realized I was Joey, sometimes Monica too!

While I wait for khaleesi, and for Sherlock’s cases to reopen

God bless, High speed internet,

Netflix and chill

Binge watching all coz of you!


National poetry writing month

ATOZ Challenge


NaPoWriMo, or National Poetry Writing Month, is an annual project in which participating poets attempt to write a poem a day for the month of April.

This website is owned and operated by Maureen Thorson, a poet living in Washington, DC. Inspired by NaNoWriMo, or National Novel Writing Month), she started writing a poem a day for the month of April back in 2003, posting the poems on her blog. When other people started writing poems for April, and posting them on their own blogs, Maureen linked to them. After a few years, so many people were doing NaPoWriMo that Maureen decided to launch an independent website for the project.

so, as my second challenge goes as NaPoWriMo I’ll be writing 30 poems in 30 days of April.I would totally recommend you guys to be a part of this poetic celebration!please do give it a try! also keep coming back for 30 interesting pieces everyday!😀

Reference article from http://www.napowrimo.net/about/

To make things more interesting I’m now taking part in A to Z challenge. and that means 26 days 26 letters of pure poetry or creative flowing of thoughts in the alphabetical order.This seems so interesting and a reason to write something more!

the link to this is here,


Life strokes,one brush at a time!

We’re artists,

sketching our dreams,

in the black and white life,

with sparks of countless colours,

picturing the imaginations and breaking the illusions,

answering the inbuilt questions,

clearing the messed up shelves off the shoulders

perfecting the life strokes,one brush at a time!

In between my university exam theory exams and clinical exams i got three days of break and it was time to calm down the chaotic mind and it was time to take care the sleep deprived soul,

This was pure therapy and result of amalgamation of spontaneous stokes and white paint and black paper,totally worth the time spent!🌹

Buckle up best friend,


Buckle up best friend ,

look at the mirror how amazing you are!

it’s time to shed off cocoon of chaos

enter the world, the one you wanted

the one you’ll create soon,

remember you’ve got everything you need!

indeed more than that,kill it!

burn those flames of self doubt,

shine bright, higher than your heels of self confidence!

what are you waiting for?

as the wise say life’s tough,

so are you babe!Buckle up!

so what you can’t sleep? you can still dream! of colours and of places and of people and most importantly seeing yourself!.The songs on my playlist on loop and keeping off my sleep.those dreams I’ve been dreaming and watching all hopes crashing every time I run ahead again and again the road seems blank and nothing but where I want to be.while the world is chasing to be the cooler one’s I’m here the misfit piece of the puzzle chasing my dreams in the opposite direction to my direction,

cheers! no matter how harder the situation it is believe me you’re stronger than you know be the happiest person in the room and look the best dress up,show up, kill it !

Hypocrisy of humanity!

Headlines read one Hindu killed,

a day later, one Muslim killed,

coastal karnataka was in total chaos

street sounded silence

there died two innocent souls

there died the only source of income,

in the name of religion roads were stained with blood

Where are you humanity?

judge her by her clothes!

future of the nation,

thousand dreams in her eyes!

when she was stripped

in the middle of the road

don’t run too fast to help her

but, find faults in her

to be on the headlines tommorow

Where are you humanity?

Cheif minister,cabinet minister,

Mla’ s son, or a relative

the whole locality is cleared and also looted too!

you can almost kill people

or maybe sell fake diamonds

and runaway to far off lands

1 brain dead person gave away his fragile panting heart beats

a life can be saved make a way for Ambulance!

No chance!Pay 25000 1 km will be cleared for you they said,

Can you set a price tag to life??

Talaq Talaq Talaq,

3 words that bought women and her children to streets,

2 bodies just fighting to breathe after accident lying on busiest street and among the blind people

1 must be called a brave heart if he did take them to hospital

Doctor said no!police first!

supreme court said no to the latter,

yes to the doctor to save lives and humanity

Will the hypocrisy of humanity fade?

this poem was written by me during our college fest Hues 2018 for English poetry for the topic ‘Hypocrisy of Humanity’