Hypocrisy of humanity!

Headlines read one Hindu killed,

a day later, one Muslim killed,

coastal karnataka was in total chaos

street sounded silence

there died two innocent souls

there died the only source of income,

in the name of religion roads were stained with blood

Where are you humanity?

judge her by her clothes!

future of the nation,

thousand dreams in her eyes!

when she was stripped

in the middle of the road

don’t run too fast to help her

but, find faults in her

to be on the headlines tommorow

Where are you humanity?

Cheif minister,cabinet minister,

Mla’ s son, or a relative

the whole locality is cleared and also looted too!

you can almost kill people

or maybe sell fake diamonds

and runaway to far off lands

1 brain dead person gave away his fragile panting heart beats

a life can be saved make a way for Ambulance!

No chance!Pay 25000 1 km will be cleared for you they said,

Can you set a price tag to life??

Talaq Talaq Talaq,

3 words that bought women and her children to streets,

2 bodies just fighting to breathe after accident lying on busiest street and among the blind people

1 must be called a brave heart if he did take them to hospital

Doctor said no!police first!

supreme court said no to the latter,

yes to the doctor to save lives and humanity

Will the hypocrisy of humanity fade?

this poem was written by me during our college fest Hues 2018 for English poetry for the topic ‘Hypocrisy of Humanity’


Time and the battlefield of risks!


Time was running,minutes chased seconds. Never ending pages,overloaded information yet I could sense a fire burning. an unexplained passion to fight with danger in the battlefield of risks
there was a life to be saved. oh no! it was matter of ‘lives’.where every step of mine          decided their future my incisions decided healing of their wounds,

what am I doing? what should I be doing?battling time  then i started understanding every bit of it and more and more of it.

I burnt my boundaries, built  strong walls around those distractions,there were doubts , self doubts i shooed them away quietly  in the  pages of my diary and trust me I’m working my ass off!

Don’t stop!don’t leave any bit of it!      devote yourself sacrifice yourself there you are the one

the one you wanted to be, keep bold affirmations! trust the Time,invest in hard work        then there is a beautiful ending to story worth of everything you had been through!


How badly  do you want to be ‘That person’?!


A reason or reasons for acting or behaving in a particular way.It’s the enthusiasm for doing something great.Its a strong emotion within that sets you apart Forget the whole world,take a few deep breaths, close your eyes calm your mind and ask yourself,picturize yourself  what you want to be in next 5 years!

Are you there yet?Are you working enough towards it?what can you do to be that person?what are the obstacles along or the reasons you gotta face to transform yourself to futureself to yourself?most importantly,

WHY THAT PERSON? HOW BADLY DO YOU WANT TO BE THAT PERSON ASK YOURSELF?can you hear a voice? that’s motivation speaking to you!

One day all those 5am’s will lead you to your dreams!


Push yourself because, no one els is going to do it for you!Work while they sleep,Learn while they party, save while they spend,live like they dream!

Be humble and hungry and be the hardest worker in the room!

and most importantly,

life’s a battle keep fighting stay strong and keep smiling!! 🙂


The last 17 days of 20seventeen!

Hey ya!how are you guys doing?it’s been really long time since I’ve spammed your feeds  with my blog posts.This time im trying something differrent,dealing with the toughest phase of my undergraduate studies, constantly  chasing to keep up with the pace of the running world,

there’s  a voice within!that pushes you right outside your boundaries shattering your limits!.you’d be surprised by the results  of listening to the right voice and sticking rightly restricting yourself of those distractions!and keeping calm in the doubtful sea.what keeps your sail safe is the voice within,a force which drives you crazy,the rope which rightly brings the hope out of no where, it’s your dream which guides you what to do and a teacher guiding you to make worth of those lessons you learnt in those failed past efforts!

I call it motivation, and believe that’s the strongest thing that’s held those bits and pieces of my life together tightly !

So here’s a small effort from my side to end this year  the best possible way!the last seventeen days of twenty17 I’ll  be writing 17 differrent blog posts on motivation.keep supporting and feel free to comment your views,and add up your stories,comeback if you find this interesting! 

and most importantly,

life’s a battle keep fighting stay strong and keep smiling!! 🙂


Talk your troubles away!✨

Pack your bags soon!

Maybe you need a little escape,

Escape in to the green mountains,

or run away to the far off seas,

Lay by the sands 

counting the stars,

talk your troubles away!✨



Have some fire,be unstoppable!be a force of nature,be better than anyone here and don’t give a damn what anyone thinks,there are no teams here no buddies! you’re on your own!        BE  ON YOUR OWN!!

Dr.Christina yang my favorite character from Grey’s Anatomy rightly said!



To the one’s  who don’t believe in your magic,

and friends who talk behind you,

show them what’s possible!

work day and night

sacrifice your comfort zone,

worship your sweat and then success follows!

Wake up!, procastinating douchebag!

transform yourself to a freaking dedicated passionate fighter!

turn your world upside down

you’ve got the unknown powers within you!show the world what you are!

move ahead from being a dreamer to achiever

raise your working hours,

limit your distractions,



* Whatever you do kill it!* tinggg! nine days to my exam and there’s  too much of blood in my caffeine system (blood slowly replacing with coffee that I’m on) and it’s time to burn the midnight’s oil and too much to study.Posting after a long time want to keep up this thing.I think this baby steps in blogging is inspiring unknowingly and helping me to share my thoughts and ideas thank you so much for inspiring hope you like my writings come back for some more interesting stuff until then 

Have a great days ahead,and be the same awesome person you are!😊



I want to be endless waves of the ocean, Tranquil and Idyllic,

with boundless electrifying spirit,

Ships of the seashore 

or the shining shells

zeal hidden in the sands of time

Euphoria through the silent green trail

Calmness of the cave,Bliss to the heart,

 hot ginger tea to the soul

an amazing company that didn’t

 let me realize the time,

the ‘magic’ in the beach shacks

or the cold breeze in the balcony facing the sea,

I want my weekend back!

while I sleep on the beach laying my head,

Counting the countless stars,

watching the falling stars 

Wishing these moments to be my side 

Forever and always!💙



Priceless and endless Happiness!


Happiness is the ultimate goal of any human being isnt it?The more happy you are the longer you live.Happiness is loud trance music on a saturday night or silent guitar strings by the silent sea shore.Happiness is watching people around you  being happy just being there with you.Happiness is weekend movie nighters in PJ’s.We always wish for the happy memories  to be stored in your mind and erase everything els.

Happiness is working your ass off and enjoying every bit of your sucess.Happiness is fooooood! and desserts are love of my life (don’t  blame me for your cravings now haha!)Happiness is running back home jumping on the bed for a nap after a pretty tiring day.Happiness is wandering around  and exploring new things enjoying the present!

Happiness is dancing all night for being your own awesome  self!.happiness is when your crush turns back to give that smile!hmm i feel numb do you?if only looks could kill standing still muse within.Happiness is not realing the passing by minutes while your lost inside the pages of your favorite book.
Happiness  is life, the tiniest imperfections the intensified  struggles and happiness is that after every set back how stronger you realize your comeback was!.Happiness is working hard happiness is fooling around lazily.Happiness is chasing a coast line while you dance to the sound of waves.Happiness is the morning mist and kick that coffee sets in to kick start the day 

Happiness has no dimension yet the only thing we want in life.being silent spectator watching the world scribbling through the pages of my diary or escaping into the green mountains.And the list goes on and on and on.Most  importantly fixing those broken smiles makes me happy and that’s  the priceless moment i would be looking forward everyday!

but happiness right now is completing this blogger marathon!it was an amazing experience.Glad that i chose to be a part of it!Thanks to Prakash B Hegade for creating this oppurtunity and inspiring people like me! if youre reading this i would totally  suggest you to take this challenge!each and every step was full of fun and challenging the creative minds within!
thus completes! 

IBMC #10: The Happiness Challenge

Thus completes one last step of Incredible Blogger Marathon Challenge (IBMC) and finally this logo is mine!

Thanks for coming by and reading my stuff! come back if you find it interesting!

and most importantly,

life’s a battle keep fighting stay strong and keep smiling!! 🙂


To be a baby.

I close my eyes and what seems like a minute my snooze button wakes the shit out of me.New day begins already while i sleep for another 5 minutes which goes for another half an hour exactly leaving 25 minutes to run back to clinics being white coated cindrella sigh!.

In between those good nights and good mornings passed by and day by day the world is getting busier  and we’re  all growing up being responsible adults from confused teenagers .We have forgotten to appreciate things and  realize how beautiful the world around us is.while we are busy competing with each other and forgetting  to create everlasting friendships and meaningful memories  instead we’re busy aping the ‘cool’ kids loosing ouselves in the process.

Most importantly we have forgotten how to be happy and contented  as we were  as small kids.Weird isnt it? no worries no overthinking no worry about what people think about us ? no  pondering about uncertainity of future.I bet it was the last time when we had peaceful sleep was when we were little babies crawling on the floor and chasing our own shadows.

I want to start over my babysteps, and crawl slowly towards my dreams.Watch the world through those little eyes of curiosity .Rather than scrolling my social feed,i want to get back to grandpa’s stories.I want to play hide and seek,to hide all the bad dreams and seek the good ones.I want  to count those coins of my piggy bank,to get myself a sugar treat.i want to be carefree and happy,and replace back my depression with dimples.i want to turn on the music and dance away troubles through  my tappy toes all night.watching those falling stars and believing in unicorns and hiding my socks for Santa.i want to beleive that my wishes do come true while i blow away candles  and cut my cakes of all those passing years and growing old.I want to fall asleep  counting those little stars above.I want to be happy and  care free.I want to be my old youngerself .I want to be me.The happy little child within.
so its been a while since my last post, while i was down with flu.back again with this amazing challenges to complete and exciting stories  to write about.This completes my ninth challenge!🚩

IBMC #09: The Be a Baby Challenge

Thus completes nighth   step of Incredible Blogger Marathon Challenge (IBMC).thanks for coming by and reading my stuff! come back if you find it interesting!

and most importantly,

life’s a battle keep fighting stay strong and keep smiling!! 🙂