Twenty something beautiful mess.Every morning i beleive i will seize the day with an outburst of unexplained energy and almost getting my script ready for the Ted talk and then procastination sets in!.Hard hitting reality constantly battling within, chasing THE DREAM which is rather a rollercoaster ride.Creating everlasting friendships while we solve the way out of mess we create.Confused,sort of focused,bit of lazy but with inbuilt creative outbursts,well distracted mind always ready to pack bags and run away to new far off  land. Calorie conscious  cheesecake binger, career  focussed procastinator and proffessional overthinker.

And thus completes! my first blogpost and

Incredible Blogger Marathon Challenge #01

I am and so i am such a beautiful  and apt topic and i guess i was lost to add hundred more stories while i had to limit myself there.trying my bit in blogging while i convince myself i can write something, thanks to the Incredible blogger marathon challenge helping me to acheive my new year’s  resolution after 8 long months! and solving the starting trouble! thanks for being there in my baby steps of blogging and come here sometime for interesting  stuffs!

and most importantly,

life’s a battle keep fighting stay strong and keep smiling!! 🙂


4 thoughts on “I AM AND SO I AM ♡

  1. Welcome to Blogging Journey! I am so excited that It is going to start with IBMC.
    I am excited to read your ten posts! 🙂
    This was a perfect start. A start, to give a kick booster to dreams! Apt.


    1. i ve been reading your blog and have been inspired by your work and by this initiative not just solving the starting trouble but creating oppurtunities to express ourselves help to improve our writing through these 10 challenges.Thank you so much! these ideas are worth sharing and inspiring for budding writers! 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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